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In 1947 a Rangers Fan named Jim (Sugar) Henry immigrated to Canada. Like most football mad Scots who immigrate they miss their football, Jim was no different, however, back in those days there were no satellites, in fact to own a television set you had to be well off, therefore it was a nightmare trying to keep in touch with what was going on back home at Ibrox. Jim had to rely on the BBC World Service to get his results and it was a bonus to get any match report.

Jim and his mate Jimmy Lang started a football team in Toronto and while their team played at a decent level, it was also a great way of keeping in touch with their fellow Scots and more so their fellow Rangers supporters.When they all got together they would often lament that it was a great country to live in......if only they could get to see the Rangers every was a dream that would eventually come true...but not for a number of years.As Jim said "When you’ve never had something, you really don’t miss it, that was the situation with TV , and we were relatively happy with our situation as we knew it was the best we could get."

Jim continued "We used to look forward to our visits back home to Scotland, we would charter a plane and fill it with Rangers supporters and their families and come home for a couple of weeks. The guys mostly looked forward to seeing the Rangers games while the wives and children look forward to visiting the relatives. I remember clearly putting my house up as collateral for $26,000 Canadian Dollars, to enable us to charter a DC8 - 200 seater plane, in those days the weans would sit on their Parents knees, you would cram in as many as you could, can you imagine that happening nowadays."

Things started to get slightly better for listening to the games, some Saturday mornings you could find a dozen or so of us in John McKinnon's house, huddled (back then it was ok for Rangers supporters to "huddle") around a short wave radio listening to static as we tried to hear the the last 1/2 hour of an Old Firm match, and you often heard a chorus of... "SHUT IT"s .....if you happened to cough when the actual broadcast made it thru the static.It was during one of our visits back home that we were invited along to meet with the Secretary of the Rangers Supporters Association a guy called Bobby Grubb. Bobby was really helpful in supplying information on registering a supporters club with the Rangers Supporters Association.

In 1967 Jimmy Lang, Jimmy McKinnon Bobby Liddell and myself were instrumental in starting the first Rangers Supporters Club in North America. We called ourselves the Toronto No 1 Glasgow Rangers Supporters Club. Our first meeting as a club was held in the Sister of Ulster Halls."


Television improved also, we would get the FA Cup Final live and the following week they would show a tape of the Scottish Cup Final.


From 1967 up to the early 80's the Club continued to grow and our locations changed along with the size of membership, we went from Front St. to Donlands & O'Conner with 5 or 6 places in between, one of the locations was Pape Ave., .....thats right the Rangers Club was situated on Pape Ave.....coincidentally at the same time the Celtic Supporters had a hall on Queen St.

During that 15 year period we had a total of 11 presidents, Jimmy Lang, Jimmy McKinnon, Jim Henry, John Martin, Jimmy Wilson, George Tait, Alex Rankin, David Murray, Hector McNeill & Bobby Smith all of whom worked tirelessly for the Club they were all ably supported by committee members too numerous to mention. It was the early 80's that things started to change......our membership....I hesitate to say had grown up, but they had added responsibilities and many had moved to areas where travelling every Saturday to the Club became more and more difficult.

This resulted in several other R.S.C.'s being formed . 

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